What do mormons believe?
Mormons are diverse, yet share a common belief in Jesus Christ. Select a question below to better understand what Mormons believe about specific topics.
Do Mormons believe in the Bible?
Are Mormons Christian?
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    What is the Book of Mormon?
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    Who was Joseph Smith?
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    What role do politics play in the lives of Mormons?
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    What is a Mormon temple?
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    What do Mormons believe about life after death?
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    Why is the family so important to Mormons?
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    Why is marriage so important to Mormons?
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    What is baptism for the dead?
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    What are Mormon temple garments? (“Mormon Underwear”)
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    Do Mormons belong to a cult?
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    Do Mormons practice polygamy?
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    Where does the Mormon Church get its money and how is it spent?
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    Do Mormons drink alcohol, tea, or coffee?
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    Why do Mormons pay tithing?
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    Why are Mormons so interested in family history and genealogy?